Are free antivirus security solutions really effective?

We have developed the habit of using free things like free maps, free navigation, free internet calls, free data etc. While people have started moving towards a lot of free things, many people prefer to go with free antivirus solutions, too.

Any antivirus program is created to protect the computer from malware, virus, Trojan, or other kinds of unsuitable things which can corrupt the files or cause system breakdown. So, we use antivirus programs to protect our computers, but the question arises whether a free antivirus solution is as effective as paid solution or not.

Can we really allow a free program to ensure the complete safety of our digital world?

There are multiple options for free antivirus programs. Some of them offer free service for a certain period of time after which you can switch to the paid version of it.

There are some very reputable antivirus programs which offer free services for sometime. These are like Avast Free Antivirus, Norton Free Antivirus, McAfee Free Antivirus, Avira Free Antivirus, etc.

Benefits of the paid versions over their free versions

While the unpaid versions of these antivirus programs prove out to be the good choices in most of the cases, their paid programs offer some great additional features which their free versions do not entertain.

For instance, McAfee’s free version is not as effective as it Total protection package which allows everything from parental controls to online backup, home networking security features, and spam filtering.

Computer owners can also encrypt their sensitive files to secure them in case a PC is stolen.

It is not wrong to say that the paid versions have a more elaborated system-behaviour monitors which warn you about many other possible dangers.

Let’s also notice some of the disadvantages of the free version.

Disadvantages of the free version

The free programs often display false warnings. They offer no telephonic support in case of an emergency.

On top of all, one of the most important features – parental control – goes missing and parents cannot monitor their child’s online activities or warn them about cyberstalking.

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The most annoying thing about free programs is that they keep throwing pop-up boxes one after the other bothering you to ultimately sign up for the paid versions.

Also, there are often malicious programs disguised as “free antivirus program” which on being clicked stick and infect your PC.


If you really want some great security solution for your computer, go with paid antivirus software which provides you a one-year license, along with the elaborated firewalls to prevent intrusion and conflict scans for Windows PCs. The free programs do not really effectively assess the legitimacy of websites or warn about the latest phishing scams.

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