Is Norton setup capable enough to fight against emerging cybercrime?

In this morning today, when I scanned the headlines in my newspaper to find something amusing, I get to see the same news “Massive Data Breach” in different versions, with different titles, from different sources. Despite the emerging threats in our digital life, we are connecting more and more our lives online. We are unknowingly exposing our personal information online ranging from banking details, financial reports to individual images and shopping habits.

Norton setup

As a warning, I would recommend you to be more vigilant while surfing, chatting, socializing, and shopping online.  Norton Setup is trying to bridge this gap of vulnerabilities in your security through

Is it true that mobile devices are more prone to cyber threats than desktops?

To further worsen the situation, our digital life does not just reside on desktops or laptops anymore but walks beside us on portable devices and platforms. As a result, it’s turning into a safe passage for cybercriminals to infiltrate our digital privacy. There are too many of us who are vulnerable to cyber threats and the rests don’t even know they are under attack.

No matter what antivirus program you deploy on your devices, there is always a threat of viruses and malware. Install Norton setup from to help thwart them as much as possible.

How can I prevent cyber attacks with Norton Setup via

It happens through digital corridors that are left unprotected; they strike smoothly and silently without a trace. The attacks are targeted to steal sensitive data and you won’t even get notice of what’s stolen. Let’s begin by understanding the need for Norton security and acknowledge its crucial role, so we take full advantage of our digital freedom in this interconnected world.

With that in mind, Norton Setup tries to evolve against the vulnerabilities of digital security. Here at Norton, they are making significant changes to produce a masterpiece of Internet security software. They aim to simplify and strengthen Norton portfolio of security products, eliminating the threats of viruses and malware as much as possible to give an everlasting experience of digital freedom.

How should I find Norton Security products online?

What most of the Internet security providers lack now, is the ability to keep up with the emerging online threats? Although there are countless security programs available for exclusive security needs, you may find it as troublesome as finding a pin in a haystack, to search the security program that matches all your computing needs.

Norton is making it easier to select and purchase the security program via To counter the increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, Norton security has strengthened their advanced threat protection technologies with enhanced Norton setup features and performances across iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

The role of Norton setup products in protecting cloud-based devices

Advanced Norton setup security products are available with or without cloud backup. It encompasses all the features of our existing products, eliminating the need for you to choose from different flavors. With its enhanced features, and cloud-based management system, Norton setup is more like a service and less like software package that you install and forget. Because of its cloud-based features, you can download it from and deploy the protection on multiple devices.

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