February 20, 2019

Norton Account | Login into Norton My Account | Norton My Account

My Norton account access is a mandatory step when users want to download or activate the subscription. Although you can install a free Norton antivirus without creating your profile on norton.com/myaccount, you will need one when you wish to install a paid version. Besides the entitlement of buying a subscription, you also get the liberty to check ‘my Norton account’ details that include personal info, product details, renewal, validity, and updates.

So, if your free version of Norton antivirus is expiring or you are buying a new plan, then the below steps will guide you from initial step to final.

How to create a Norton account?

  1. Open norton.com/setup web page on a web browser
  2. Click the yellow Sing in button
  3. Select ‘Create an account’ tab next to the sing in option
  4. Enter all the required details and click ‘Create account’
  5. You will receive a confirmation link on the email address you used for creating my Norton account page
  6. Open a new tab and log in to the email account
  7. Open the main, Click on confirmation button/link, and confirm your Norton account

Your Norton account is successfully created. If you have a plan that supports more than a single device, do Norton account sign in on other device and use it. With this account, proceed with purchasing a plan and then install it on a valid number of devices.

How to set up Norton account or update information?

To set up or change Norton Email ID/ Password-

  1. Sign in to your Norton account
  2. From main interface, hover over your name and click ‘Personal information’
  3. Go to Account settings
  4. Select ‘Email and password’ by clicking on the pen icon
  5. Enter the detail and update your email ID or password as per your need

To update payment details-

  1. From your Norton account, click My Subscription
  2. Go to Billing information
  3. Press ‘Edit’ icon
  4. Enter new details
  5. Click save to keep the changes

Change registered phone number-

  1. Go to personal information from your account
  2. Under the Account Settings, Click the edit icon in ‘Name, Address, and Mobile Phone’ section
  3. Delete the previous number
  4. Select your country and enter the new phone number
  5. You will receive a verification code to verify the number
  6. Enter the code in its respective field and complete the update

Can’t login to my Norton account through norton.com/myaccount- How to fix?

  1. Go to Norton.com/myaccount
  2. Click Sign in
  3. Click Forgot password
  4. Type your email address in the field and submit
  5. A password reset link will be sent on your email address
  6. Open the account in a new tab or browser and click on Reset password button
  7. Create a new password and re-enter it
  8. Confirm the changes and you Norton account password is changed

A list of common ‘My Norton account’ errors:”

  • Can’t log in to my Norton account
  • Norton identity safe login problem
  • Norton vault will not open
  • Login error – Norton identity safe not filling in password
  • Cannot check updates from the account
  • Account verification failure
  • No option to locate Norton product key in the account
  • Unable to change details

If such errors bother you while accessing a services, immediately get in touch with the official customer support team. The professionals will help you with instant guidance.